Born and raised in Karlskrona in southeast of Sweden. He is educated at Malmoe Academy of music and GIT at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Pelle lives in a small village namned Åkarp near Malmoe.

He is the leader of the instrumental fusion band "Pelle Holmberg Group" aká PHG. Read more about PHG here.
In 2022 Pelle teamed up with Kalle Moraues and formed the band PK Bluesinferno. with his friend Kalle Moraeus.

During his career he has worked with many Swedish artists such as Ola Salo, Måns Zelmerlöv, Cornelia Jakobs, Emelie Deforrest, David Lindgren, Sarah Dawn Finer, Andreas Johnsson, Sonja Alden, Linda Pritchard, Bill Öhrström, Viktoria Tolstoy, Calaisa, Mats Ronander, Samuel Ljungbladh, Peter Johansson, Frank Ådahl, Lollo Gardtman, Frida Öhrn, Anders Berglund, Magnus Bäcklund, Claes Malmberg, Laila Adéle, Claes Yngström, Anders Ekborg, Loa Falkman, Tusse, Gunhild Carling, Marlena Ernman, Gunilla Backman, Johan Boding, Robin Stjernberg, Kalle Moraeus, Shirley Clamp, Lagaylia Frazier, Lasse Holm, Nils Landgren, Jan Johansen, Anneli Rydé, Danne Stråhed, Roger Pontare, Jay Smith, Amy Diamond, Lili & Susie, Jojje Wadenius, Hasse Andersson, Linda Bentzing, Magnus Carlsson, Jennifer Brown, Rongedahl Brothers, Erik Segerstedt, Oscar Zia, Chess Musical, Little shop of Horrors musical among others.

Pelle also do a lot of clinics for some of his endorsers such as Ibanez, Daddario Strings and Olsson Amps. He has performed at Fuzz Guitar Show, Larvik Guitar festival, Umeå Guitar festival, Copenhagen Guitar Show, Guitar Geeks Guitar Camp and at Mattias IA Eklunds ”Freak Guitar Camp” just to name a few. During these clinics he often talk about guitar playing in general, but also all the elements as scales, improvising, tone, motivs and gear. If you want to hear him on different Podcasts talking about guitars, practicing and so on, just scroll down and listen to Guitar geeks or Guitar Zombie podcasts.

Pelle has worked as a guitar and ensemble teacher for many years. He is teaching guitar, ensemble and pedagogy at Malmoe Music Academy.


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2024- Rydholm/Säfsund Kaleidoscope
2021 - Palle Popstjärna
2021 - "Dreamland" Studio Cast
2021 - Art of Illusion - X Marks the Spot
2019 - Pelle Holmberg Group - Damn Good
2017 - Berg - Skimrande Färgers Själ
2016 - Markus Helander - Kinzy´s Dream
2015 - Berg - Sweet & Low Down
2015 - Pelle Holmberg Group - Ghost Ship
2014 - Markus Helander - Twister
2013 - Jay Smith - King of Man
2012 - Eva Maria Junker - Where spiders sleep
2011 - Pelle Holmberg Group - PHG
2009 - Helle - Barking up the wrong tree
2007 - Lukas Wägbo - Helt perfekt
2005 - Lukas Wägbo - Efterlyst på radion

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