PK Bluesinferno

About PK Bluesinferno

PK Bluesinferno was formed when Pelle Holmberg and Kalle Moraues met during the “Thank you for the music tour” 2019.

The two guitarists jammed before the show, in the show and after the show. You always saw them with a guitar in their hands talking and trading licks.

This led Pelle to invite Kalle to Skåne to join PHG for a small tour and eventually PK Bluesinferno took shape.

PK Bluesinferno is a band where all different styles meet, hence the name inferno. Blues meets jazz, rock, folk music and funk. This rare combination is glued together with laugh, groove and a lot of good stories…

The band

Pelle Holmberg – Guitar and vocals
Kalle Moraeus - Guitar and vocals
Anders "Lunkan" Lundqvist - Keys
Mathias Tofte – Bass
Frank Nilsson – Drums

Live shows 2023

230820 Kalmar Söderport with Jojje Wadenius
230819 Potatisen Göteborg with Jojje Wadenius
230818 Skara Statt with Jojje Wadenius
230817 Malmöfestivalen with Jojje Wadenius
230816 Örums Nygård with Jojje Wadenius
230705 Dalby Gästis
230514 Nöjet Vetlanda
230513 Esters Kungsbacka
230512 Falkenberg
230511 Dunkers Helsingborg
230510 Kulturbaren Trollhättan
230509 Biljardkompaniet Kristianstad
230508 Kulturhuset Örebro

Previous shows

220528 Live at Karlskrona öl och musikfestival
200926 PHG feat Kalle Moraeus Viva Lund
200925 PHG feat Kalle Moraes Jazz & Blues Kungsbacka
200924 PHG feat Kalle Moraeus Viva Lund
220923 PHG feat Kalle Moraeus Kulturkvarteret Kristianstad
220922 PHG feat Kalle Moraeus Växjö