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220830 I will do a big tour with "Thank you for the music" in Sweden together with Kalle Moraeus, Johan Boding and Gunilla Backman. Check out the tour schedual!

220703 I´m once again guest at Guitar Geeks podcast, check it out!

220601 Some of the cool gigs I´ll be doing this summer 220604 PHG live at Viva Lund
220618 Paul McCartney Tribute Kristianstad
220628 Kul i Juli Helsingborg
220630 Chess Helsingborg
220701-03 Chess Helsingborg
220705 Kul i Juli Helsingborg
220708-10 Chess Helsingborg
220712 Kul i Juli Helsingborg
220714 Sommarmusik Åkarp
220715 Fusion in motion Viva Lund
220719 Kul i Juli Helsingborg
220720 Allsång Dalby
220721 Queen Tribute Bingsmarken
220727-29 Christoffer and the Dudes Skärgårdsfesten Karlskrona
220820 Blues Night viby
220727 Så ska det låta Trelleborg

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New video: Toto Tribute - Rosanna

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